Licensing - The Kellison Brand

Kellison cars have received a good deal of coverage in both newsprint, industry magazines and the world wide web over the years. This along with an avid collector base has keep the Kellison name alive and well.

The Kellison Brand begins with the cars. In particular the J car series. Reissue of these cars will both strengthen the existing brand and facilitate the re-emergence of the Kellison name brand. Images of the cars and associated logos serve as the foundation for the brand in the market place.

The primary Kellison Brand identity is the stylized K with Jim's last name incorporated. It was designed by Jim in the 1950’s and is the identity that is most associated with his early cars and marketing efforts. It serves as the primary identity for the brand. In addition the brand includes a number of secondary logos that are associated with Kellison cars. All of the marks have been restored to current digital standards based on the original art work.

The Kellison family is proud of the accomplishments of their late father. His name has become synonymous with the cars he designed and built starting in the mid 1950's. His legacy is recognized in the sports car industry worldwide. We welcome opportunities to maintain and further his legacy.

The licensing of the Kellison Classic Cars Brand is being offered in multiple categories including: apparel, souvenirs, toys or miniature replicas, full replicas for re-release or modified replicas. We are interested in partnering with companies that have an established manufacturing and marketing presence in any of the above categories. If your company would like to become a part of the these exciting and unique classic sports cars, the Kellison Classic Cars Brand is now making licensing opportunities available.

Kellison Classic Cars is represented in the U.K. by Kellison UK Ltd, the Kellison Brand and all associated car designs and marks are the property of the Kellison Family Trust. For additional information on Kellison Classic Cars in the U.S. go to

Kellison Logo

The racing flag logo designed by Jim Kellison in the mid 1960's.


The Spring Thingy logo designed by a Kellison staff artist and used to promote Kellison manufactured drag racing bodies and frames.


The 905 emblem designed by Jim Kellison for the sides and hood of the J4 in the late 1950's. It represents 905 Sutter street, in Folsom California, which was the birth place of the J series cars.

Kellison Drawings